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Lost Boys Brewing


This project objective was to develop primary packaging for bottles as well as secondary packaging for the protective presentation of multiples of the primary package. The project was to create a non-alcoholic product to market the beverage that could be consumed at tailgates, house parties, and other events without feeling like a less than a participant. I choose to create a product based off Disney’s and the Grimm Brother’s story of Peter Pan. Appropriate for those too young to drink and those who aren’t interested in drinking. I used a color scheme that best represented the product and original animated Disney film, as well as type that best represented a more modern approach to Peter Pan.



This project was created as an exploration of “shelf-presence” of a package. In this instance, the actual product is invisible and is an intangible concept. As consumers, we’ve all experienced a product being “over-packaged”. This project takes an oftentimes humorous look at what it takes to make a product stand out even when it doesn’t really exist relying on skills as designer, writer, and typographer to sell the imagined or invisible contents within.

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